GSM Service Solutions

Commercial Cleaning

How we do commercial cleaning

Our step-by-step process is tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial spaces. Here’s a breakdown of our thorough commercial cleaning process:

  1. Initial consultation: We kick things off with a friendly consultation to understand what your business needs. We’ll listen to your cleaning requirements, take a look at your space, and figure out the best plan of action to make your place shine.
  2. Preparatory phase: Before we dive into cleaning, we make sure everything is tidy and in its place. We organize workstations, clear away any mess, and ensure that your valuables are safe and secure.
  3. Surface cleaning and dusting: We tackle those dusty surfaces like superheroes! Our team goes around dusting everything from desks to countertops, making sure not a speck of dust is left behind. High-touch areas like doorknobs and light switches get some extra love too.
  4. Floor case: We know floors can take a beating, so we give them the care they deserve. Whether it’s vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors, or even polishing surfaces, we’ll make sure your floors look spick and span.
  5. Restroom sanitisation: We understand the importance of clean and fresh restrooms. Our crew goes in, rolls up their sleeves, and gives those toilets, sinks, and mirrors a thorough cleaning. We’ll restock supplies like toilet paper and hand soap, so you never run out.
  6. Window and glass cleaning: Say goodbye to smudged windows! We clean those glass panes inside and out, leaving them streak-free. Let the natural light flood in and brighten up your workspace.
  7. Trash removal and recycling: We take care of the trash for you. Our team empties those bins, replaces liners, and ensures everything is clean and tidy. We’ll even separate recyclables, doing our part for the environment.
  8. Quality assurance: Before we call it a day, we do a final quality check. Our supervisors make sure that everything meets our high standards. If something needs a little extra attention, we’ll handle it right away.

At GSM Service Solutions, our commercial cleaning process is all about making your workspace shine. We’re here to take the hassle out of cleaning, so you can focus on running your business. Trust us to keep your space clean, fresh, and ready for success!